Words from a Winner

Here at Living Fundraisers we often like to team up with other like-minded organisations to provide their followers with useful information about fundraising and kid’s gardening, as well as exclusive offers and prizes.  Recently we ran a competition with Mouths of Mums.  Five lucky winners received a huge gift pack including our full range of herbs, flowers and veggies, as well as some card sets.

One of these winners, Janice, got in touch to let us know how she was using her prize:

“1. To show the kids’ school what Living Fundraisers looks like to highlight it as an option that matches the type of fundraising they encourage;
2. as a reward system for my kids. Give them a set of chores and then let them choose one of the growing kits as their reward to grow and look after instead of pocket money; and
as gifts to my kid’s friends. The Living Fundraisers cards and gifts have been in great demand as birthday presents.”

Awesome work Janis! We couldn’t think of a more deserving winner.

Below is what Janice had to say in her blog, Janis’ Journal – Eclectic Reviews of a Busy Mum, and a photo of her prize:

“Ever wanted to see what a Living Fundraisers pack looks like? Well, here you go! I won this amazing prize, thanks to Mouths of Mums and can’t wait to share them with my kid’s school to show them some of the awesome and healthy ways we can fundraise this coming school year.

Seriously, such perfect gifts to give adults and children alike to help encourage a love of gardening and to show how easy it is to grow your own food.

Oh, and the cards are so amazing! They are infused with seeds so you read it, plant it and growing flowers to continue the gift of love. Wowie!!!

Thank you SO MUCH both Living Fundraisers and Mouths of Mums!”