Twice as good!

Cath ran two fundraisers simultaneously:  for Wild Cherry Kindergarten and Tambo Upper Primary School. She achieved great results for both.

It was an easy fundraiser.  It wasn’t as time consuming as most of the others and we had a really good return thanks to the high percentage we earned,” she said.

The committee ordered the herbs and vegies and then mixed them so that each family took home one bag containing some of each.  The families at the kinder sold at least 1 bag each, with some families selling up to 3.  Most of the families at the school were able to sell their bag, too.

Cath says that the fundraiser worked better at the kindergarten due to the high level of parental involvement.  Many of the families at the school have working parents who have limited time.

Healthy food culture

The kinder already has a vegetable garden so the healthy food culture was already in place.  That helped the children understand what they were selling and why.  The herbs and vegies sold really well.

Cath had the chance to present to a class of Grade 3 and 4 kids so she could tell them all about the fundraiser.  “The kids were really into it” she said.   “They asked some excellent questions such as whether the container was recyclable.”

Learnings and advice

Next time they run this fundraiser there are a few things the committee would do differently.

  • Time it according to the season and perhaps run it in term 3 so that people can get the maximum harvest from them.
  • Definitely speak to the children at the school.  When they are interested and committed, they will encourage their parents to become involved.
  • Campaign for working parents to sell the product in their workplace.

Cath says that the fundraiser was very simple to manage and took very little time to manage.  She said that the products sold themselves.  In particular, the herbs were great to buy as Christmas gifts.  They were practical and perfect for those hard to buy for people.