Triple the fun!

As a first time committee President, Linda started the year a little nervous about what drives to run at her kinder.  She wanted to try something a little different but didn’t want to put too much pressure on families.  The committee decided a good starting point would be the birthday and greeting cards as they found them unique and great value for money. 

When Linda phoned Living Fundraisers to chat through her ideas and place the order, she was informed of the bonus profits option.  If she booked 2 drives for the year, her kinder would receive 45% profit, or if she booked 3 drives, it would receive 50% profit.  She knew she wanted to run at least 2 drives for the year, and also knew that she would not find such profits elsewhere, so with the help of Living Fundraisers, booked in 3 drives for the year: 1 – Birthday and Greeting Cards in March; 2 – Veggie, Herb and Flowers in July/September; and 3 – Seed-embedded Christmas Cards in October.

To minimise returns, Linda ordered conservatively and had the Living Fundraisers team throw in some order forms so that any extra orders could be placed at the end of the drive.  She found this worked really well and ended up putting in a few top up orders for each drive.

“The staff at Living Fundraisers were so understanding and gave us options we never knew we had.  They offered exactly the advice we needed on products and timings and their flexibility really helped to take the anxiety out of our fundraising year” explained Linda.  “After our first drive we were able to tweak the numbers on our next two drives which was great as you don’t always know what the uptake will be like.  We were also able to change delivery dates, enabling us to take advantage of a fete that we found out about after we had booked our drives.  Not being locked into anything was really, really helpful!”

Linda is looking forward to seeing the legacy of the committee’s big fundraising year.  The money will go towards a mosaic to be placed on a wall alongside the playground’s Landcare garden in which Living Fundraisers products are thriving. “It’s really nice to be able to tie it all together this way” she said.

“We hope to take advantage of more promotions like this going forward – we already know that we’ll be ordering the cards again as my husband’s colleagues have made him promise he will be bringing more into the office!”