Top Winter Fundraising Ideas

It’s true; the majority of our growing products are best suited to Term 3 or 4 fundraising drives when people tend to have gardening on their minds, and of course when lots of Spring fetes and fairs and Christmas markets are being held..  What you may not know however, is that over the years we’ve been adding new and exciting options for all-year round so that more fundraising groups throughout Australia can raise funds with our amazing products at times that suit!

If you’re still planning what drives you would like to run this year, we recommend checking out our printable FAQ and Season Planner here. It will show you product options for different times of the year, according to your climate zone.

Now, back to our top picks for winter fundraising this year:

Grass Hair Kits – Old MacDonald’s Farm
Kids go absolutely crazy for these cute “low-maintenance pets” and for just $6 they are super easy to sell.
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Greeting Cards
Everyone needs cards and at only $1.50 per card, you’ll probably be saving your families money by running a Greeting Cards drive!  We have two birthday collections and a celebrations collection for all occasions.We even have some of last year’s range at a discounted price.
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Tasty Snacks
Available with and without nuts, our Snacks are perfect for offices, schools and lunch boxes all year round and come with free display boxes to help boost your sales.
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Veggie Growing Kits 
With 10 different varieties, our Veggie Growing Kits will keep you busy all year round and ensure you have fresh homegrown veggies at all times!  Our Veggies remain one of the most popular products for fundraisers all over Australia.
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Soy Candles
Light up those dark winter days with our deliciously scented 100% Soy Wax Candles. It will be hard for people to draw the line at just one with scents including NEW Coconut & Lime, Pomegranate, Lemongrass, Fresh Vanilla & Fig, French Linen and Cherry Blossom. Perfect for Mother’s Day and any day of the year!
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For more information on these products and our other healthy fundraising options call 1300 848 993, email or click here to request an information kit.

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