To be sure, to be sure!

Small groups often have a difficult time raising funds.  The task falls to the same people and the same families every time because there is no other option.

Choosing a fundraiser that it a little different is a great way to get people excited so that they tackle the job with enthusiasm.

The Sunraysia Irish and Friends Association decided to run a fundraiser using our Christmas cards.

“People loved them,” said organiser Kym Bennett.  “The cards were just gorgeous.”

How they ran the drive

The group has a relaxed approach to fundraising, not wanting to put pressure on such a small group of families especially towards the end of the year when Christmas is looming.  That worked out well because, although the cards didn’t all sell at the time, profits are still coming in now as the cards just keep on selling.

Kym says that next time they will be more proactive with sales, setting up a stall or display table at the dance class so parents and friends can see the cards and feel their quality.

Kym says “For the amount of people we had helping in the fundraiser, we did very well and raised a nice profit.  We will finish selling the cards off at the end of this year and earn even more.”

The group loved the idea of the Christmas cards and it was a new concept for the area which made it more fun than the fundraisers they’d had in the past.