Three is not a crowd!

With an upcoming Jamboree, the 3rd Chelsea Air Scouts have ambitious fundraising plans this year.

After deciding they would no longer fundraise with chocolate, the committee settled on three take-home drives with Living Fundraisers in order to receive bonus profits offer and maximise funds raised. They chose three products from the range and spaced their drives out to ensure families weren’t going to be burnt out.

For their first order they went with Herb and Flower growing kits to coincide with Mother’s Day. For that drive they received 40% profits. During the cooler months of July/August they ran a Greeting Cards drive with Living Fundraisers’ brand new range. Being their second drive, they received 45% profits. They have also booked a Seed-embedded Christmas Cards drive for later in the year for which 50% profits will be received.

Jodi has been thrilled with their campaign so far and trusts the Christmas Cards drive will be just as successful as the first two.  Many families used the credit card slips provided by Living Fundraisers which Jodi believes helped maximise sales and minimise returns – in fact they had no returns at all. “It has been amazingly easy and received very well by families” she explained. “Everything is delivered ready to go with everything you need. All I have to do is staple Living Fundraisers’ letter to the carry bags, leave them at the hall for the Scouts to collect then send out a few reminder emails. The bonus profits offer really does make a big difference too”.

Being a nurse, Jodi thought she would try her luck selling some of the Greeting Cards at her work. Everyone loved them so much that she ended up selling five bags!  “I couldn’t believe how much interest there was. But it makes sense when you think about it – I was saving them many trips to the shops by bringing cards to them! I even had to leave a form there so that people could place extra orders once I ran out” she explained.

Whilst Jodi reported having “no hassles whatsoever” with either drive, she appreciated having the Living Fundraisers team available on the phone in case she needed them.  “The team is really friendly and make it all so easy.  We can’t wait to start the Christmas Cards and will be looking at Living Fundraisers for future drives too” she said.