The Power of Marketing

Kim’s son was selected to compete in the ACT Academy of Sport Championships and with only a few weeks to raise the required funds to get him there, Kim had to think fast.  Given it was November, she started off by ordering the minimum order of Seed-embedded Christmas Cards, Grow-in-the-Bag Herbs and Flower Growing Kits, and promoted the products through Facebook. 

In a matter of hours Kim had sold out of Christmas Cards so placed a top order, and given her initial success, decided to try the Greeting Cards as well.  Word spread amongst Kim’s networks and soon enough all products went like hot cakes!  She went on to place another 2 top up orders.

Kim put her fundraising success down to the time of year and the power of Facebook.  With friends and family members sharing her posts, she had people near and far wanting to buy her products to use as Christmas gifts.  “The cards in particular were relatively cheap to post, and everyone was more than happy to pay postage” explained Kim.  She even had a friend in Brisbane order 40 packs of cards to send out to her business clients.  “I had no idea my fundraising would be such a success, especially given our limited time-frame.  I’m just glad Living Fundraisers made it so easy to top up” she said.