Take Home Drives: the low-down

As you’re probably already aware, our fundraisers are modelled on the well-known Cadbury model whereby each family member or participant receives a box or bag of products to take home and on-sell or purchase.

Whilst we also offer stall packs and order forms, we think the “take-home drive” is the king of fundraisers and here’s why:

1. People are more inclined to buy items that are right in front of them, rather than having to wait.
2. Kids in particular get excited about their special packs they get to take home.
3. Order forms don’t always make it home or easily get lost or forgotten about if they do.
4. Stalls and displays can work really well but can also be a little unpredictable which is why we recommend having a backup plan or two, i.e. a take-home / stall combination.
5. All methods require about the same amount of work.

Want stats?

Research has shown that order form campaigns result in an average sale of 1-2 items per participant (if the order form makes it home), where as take-home campaigns average 8-10 items per participant. This is why we pack our growing kits and seed-embedded Christmas cards into packs of 10 and greeting cards in bags in packs of 6.

“But we know that if we send products home, some will never come back or be paid for”

We hear you and aren’t going to deny this but even after taking into account returns and missing or unpaid for items, your take-home drive is still likely to make more money than another method.

“But it’s so much work to coordinate!”

Yep, but all fundraising is and we can guarantee that the results you see from a take-home drive make it all worthwhile. We provide the following to ensure the process is as easy and fuss-free as possible for you:

Easy to follow instructions 
Materials including tally sheet to record distribution of items and return of money.

A 30 day invoice (no upfront costs for approved organisations).
An easy to follow returns process.
Weekly email templates to copy and paste into your newsletter or emails to keep your group informed of timeframes etc. throughout the drive.
Regular calls and emails to make sure everything is going ok.
And of course, each take-home carry bag comes equipped with your chosen products, instructions and a product information sheet, money envelope and credit card slip.  We also send you some posters to promote your drive.

We are with you every step of the way to help you get the most out of your take-home fundraiser!


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