Small School Success

Rockley Public School consists of less than 10 families, but this did not stop them from running a very successful Living Fundraisers drive – in fact, the products were so popular with families they had to place an additional order at the end!

Leanne wears a number of hats at the school (“Office Lady” and P&C treasurer to name a couple) and wasn’t sure if coordinating a take home drive would fit in with her busy schedule; “I debated over whether to order for some time” she admitted.  In the end she went for 10 kits; 5 Grow-in-the-Tin Herb kits and 5 Flower growing kits.  With only 11 students at the school she was a little concerned there would be too many bags, but her mind was put at ease very quickly with the Cleaner taking a bag and her fellow office ladies snapping up the rest!

The fundraiser was very well received by all involved which was quite surprising to Leanne who said take-home drives just hadn’t worked for them in the past.  She decided these particular products must have been the right fit for their community.  They also seemed to choose a good time to run the drive; “having it just before Easter meant people were able to use the products as alternative gifts to chocolate.  I know some people will be using them as birthday gifts too” she explained.

Leanne couldn’t believe how easy the fundraiser was in the end.  “I just sent the bags home with the deadline and they came back empty!  It really was great profits for very little work and we will be looking at some of the other Living Fundraisers products for later in the year” she said.