Slow & Steady Wins the Race

Gawler Health Foundation has been placing orders with us for over a year now, so we thought it was about time we got in touch to find out exactly how they run such successful fundraisers.

In the past they have sold our Herb and Veggie Kits and the 2016 range of Greeting Cards and Seed-embedded Christmas Cards, but it is with our brand new Greeting Cards that they are currently having huge success with.

“They’re flying out the door, it won’t be long until we do another top up order!” explained Nicki. “Everyone loves them and at $1.50 each, they are so much more affordable than the $6 cards you get from the shops”.

Nicki said their best method of selling is through a display/stall set up outside her office in the entry of the Hospital, but they also sell at the Lions Market, the Village Fare and through Facebook and their website.  “We take the products wherever we can!” she said.

Advertising in their quarterly newsletters and emails out to staff seems to also work well as many of their purchasers are from within the organisation. Enthusiastic as these purchasers may be, the fundraising team continue to order on the smaller side. This helps them stay in control of stock, minimising the risk of returns.  Spacing their orders out throughout the year also means they receive bonus profits too! (read more about this deal here).

Gawler has a stash of our brand new Seed-embedded Christmas Cards and Fruit Kits ready to sell a little later in the year, along with more Herbs and Veggies which Nicki said have always done well.  “Everyone is excited to have a fundraiser that is not food” she explained.

With the funds raised, Gawler Health Service is able to purchase equipment and run new programs.