Scouts fundraising with purpose

Richlands / Forest Lake Scouts have just wrapped up their Living Fundraisers drive and what a great result they achieved.  Like last year, they opted for Growing Kits but also added our brand new Soy Candles for something different.  They proved to be as much of a hit as the Growing Kits as a top up order was needed before the drive even ended!

Fundraising Coordinator, Diane said the products enabled them “to not only fundraise, but also help promote lifestyle choices for the families and people who purchased them”.  She further explained that as part of scouting, they “try to teach the children about care and sustainability of our environment, we well as how to live healthily and find opportunities to cooperate in teams to learn, grow and achieve together”. With Living Fundraisers sharing this objective, they were the perfect choice for a fundraising partner.

To help maximise sales, participants were given a variety of products to sell just in time for Spring, along with a letter and money envelope/credit card slip provided by Living Fundraisers.  They had two weeks to sell their goods and submit any additional orders.

Richlands / Forest Lake Scout Group’s campaign was carefully thought-out, organised and promoted well through Facebook, community service events and local markets.  Diane’s advice to anyone running a drive is to “think carefully about when to run your fundraiser and try gauge which products will sell the best.”  They opted for no more than 10 products per participant as they knew they could top up if needed.  She also suggests making the process of collecting money as straightforward as possible.  As with each fundraiser the group undertakes, they will be reviewing how things went ahead of ordering next time.