A “ridiculously easy fundraiser”

Being in a small town, Tenielle wanted to run a take-home fundraising drive for Deloraine Junior Soccer Club that was both unique and appealing to all ages.
So she chose a combination of herb growing kits and greeting cards.  She also distributed order forms to the wider club which allowed people to purchase other products including vegie, fruit and flower growing kits.

“With most people in the community being into gardening, the growing products were a great choice leading up to spring; they’re the kind of this that can be enjoyed by all – young and old” said Tenielle.

The birthday and greeting cards were received equally as well, and as the order was placed during a promotion on card drives, the Club received a free Mega Hamper
– a sampler of Living Fundraisers’ complete product range.  Tenielle donated the Hamper to be used as a raffle prize at a major fundraising day and having it on display meant she was also able to promote the products and take orders from people outside the club.  This allowed the Club to raise even more funds on top of their take-home drive!

“The take-home element was really easy– we just gave participants bags then made sure they were on track with their selling by sending out emails and texts”, said Tenielle.

“Having the Mega Hamper was really beneficial too – it meant that people ordering from forms were able to see the products and know exactly what they were ordering”.

Tenielle considered this a “ridiculously easy fundraiser” and said “the products sold themselves so all that was required from us was awareness and getting the timing right”.

She is expecting their next Living Fundraisers drive to be bigger and even more successful given people now know the products.

The funds raised will be going towards new equipment for the club.