Raw Chocolate Easter Eggs

Give the whole family a guilt-free treat this Easter with these delicious Raw Chocolate Eggs. Click here for our printable recipe sheet.


Thank you to our friend, Sherrie from The Wellness Seed for this fabulous recipe and insight below:

Why raw?  A food is considered raw when it hasn’t been heated past 45 degrees Celsius.  This keeps all the nutrients in.  High temperature cooking will destroy many of foods nutrients. 

Raw cacao powder is rich in antioxidants, magnesium and iron.  If the chocolate you consume is raw, it can become part of a healthy, nutritious diet.  Of course, if the sweetener you use is a sugar such as honey, maple syrup or brown rice syrup, these are still rich in either fructose or glucose (or both), so the chocolate must still be eaten in moderation.  But, it’s Easter!   So, enjoy this delicious treat.


wellness_seed_logo_sans_sunSherrie Miller is a holistic nutritional medicine practitioner with a passion for children’s health, particularly the relationship between their gut and behavioural issues.  She passionately educates parents and children through her business The Wellness Seed, on the necessity of eating quality, clean wholefoods and maintaining good gut health.  Sherrie, a mother herself, is determined to plant the seed of good health into our current generation of kids, nourish them with optimum nutrition, and watch them grow into thriving, healthy adults.