Raising funds to help improve the world

St Pius X High School is a school dedicated to making the world a better place. 

Students are encouraged to look beyond their own backyards and see what they can contribute that will make a difference.

St. Pius chose our Christmas cards for their fundraiser.  Ministry Coordinator, Amanda, managed the event.

How they ran their drive

The school has 48 year 12 students going over to Vietnam in June 2012 so each student took cards to sell. In addition, Amanda invited any other students in the school to collect a bag in their lunch time to sell over a two week period. This is where the most success came.

Amanda said that the fundraiser worked very well for the school.  “Other than the logistics of keeping track of students, money and cards with over 1000 kids in our school, it was easy!”

She intends to run the fundraiser again in the future but says that next time they will start earlier in the year.  She thinks that the results would have been even better if they hadn’t begun so close to Christmas.

“The product sells itself.” Amanda said.  “We were happy with the profit and will look to expand next time.”

Feedback and purpose

The feedback was very positive.  Students enjoyed it as it was novel for them and it fell within the sustainability goals for the school so staff and parents were impressed.

The most important part, though, was that the school was able to make a great profit.

The funds raised will assist with the creation of a road and electricity delivery to a small community in North Vietnam.  What this will bring is immeasurable.

We are very proud to have been able to support St. Pius X in such a worthwhile event.