Raising funds in a remote area

Lynette has singlehandedly started a fundraising revolution in Weipa, a remote community on the Cape York Peninsula in Queensland.

Lynette coaches the local swimming club but found that it was difficult to encourage children to strive to improve when there was no other competition in the area.  The remote location makes travelling difficult and expensive, so she decided to raise funds to help fund families to experience life in regular communities and their children to compete in swimming carnivals.

Lynette chose to offer our vegetables, flowers and herbs and has placed 5 orders with us so far. In her words, sales are “going off”.

The remote area means that the local supermarket is not able to offer the range of fresh vegetables and herbs that people are looking for.  Luckily the climate is suited to growing these all year round and families are enthusiastic about planting and growing fresh produce.

Lynette used technology to help her spread the word.  She added her promotion to the newsletters sent out from the local mines which reach most of the population.  She also used word of mouth, especially after the first pack of herbs and vegetables sold out.

Lynette says that this is a very easy fundraiser to manage and the returns are excellent.  She says they have raised thousands of dollars towards their goal.

She recommends that before you start your own fundraiser, know your community.  Understand how to get the word out in a way that is simple and that people will actually read.  Piggybacking on existing and successful communication strategies is a good idea.  Almost everyone in Weipa reads the mining newsletter so that was the obvious tool for Lynette to choose.

Lynette also recommends choosing a product that fills a gap in the community.  Weipa is an outdoors community with little access to fresh produce so the idea of growing their own was perfect for them.

Another tip from Lynette is to follow the guidelines on the Living Fundraisers website to help keep you on track.

The Weipa Swimming Club is on a winner with Lynette and the Living Fundraiser products.  We wish the club members success in their first experiences competing in a non-remote area competition.