Quality Cards Make the Difference

 Aurora Calisthenics College was looking for a fundraiser with broad appeal & a healthy approach to support their philosophy of promoting healthy minds and bodies.

“We were delighted with our choice to do a Living Fundraisers Greeting Card drive – it’s one of the easiest and most successful fundraisers we’ve run,” said Paula, Treasurer of the fundraising committee.

“It really ticked all the boxes for us. The committee had decided to steer clear of chocolate fundraisers and greeting cards were a really sensible alternative for us given their wide appeal. The money raised exceeded our expectations and the ongoing support from the Living Fundraisers team made it easy.”

Once they saw the high quality of the cards, families were more than happy to buy multiple card packs to have on hand as special occasions arose. They commented that the variety of cards meant they could store the gift boxes at home and ‘dip in’ when needed, often saving a last-minute trip to the newsagent.

Paula even received a phone call from one of the parents, raving about the fantastic quality of the cards.

“The fundraiser was a great experience for our families, and it was easy for us to coordinate thanks to the helpful and friendly support from Living Fundraisers. We were always able to speak to someone when we needed to – whether over email or phone,” Paula said.