Putting the Seed in Wattleseed

Emma and the team at Wattleseed Healing Centre have been busy this month raising funds for their Youth Mental Health Program with our growing kits.

With over half the stock sold at markets within the first two weeks, Emma is now selling the remainder through her practice where she is seeing lots of happy customers. “People were so impressed we weren’t selling chocolates and sweets. The kits were fabulous and the herbs in particular flew off the table!” she said.

It certainly helps when you have created such a beautiful display, we say!

“We’re hearing things like “what a great idea”, “how wonderful” and “oh, they are so cute!”, she continued.

With so much support by their purchasers, it’s a good job the centre has another fundraiser booked in for next month!  By booking the two fundraisers at the same time earlier this year, they will receive a bonus 5% profit on their second one, and can even opt to change products and quantities based on how their first one goes. For more info on the bonus profits offer, click here.

We wish Wattleseed Healing Centre all the best with their Youth Mental Health Program and are so glad to be able to help.