Living Fundraisers


Living Fundraisers specialises in healthy, family friendly fundraising.  Our range of garden and lifestyle products are specially designed to make it easy to raise funds. People will appreciate being able to help your school or organisation by buying fundraising products that are better for their health and good for the community.

In 2019 we are offering Take Home, Stall and Order Form fundraisers, and we will be launching our NEW WebShop fundraiser option. Fund raise with our Herb Growing Kits, Flower Growing Kits, Veggie Growing Kits, Grass Hair Kits, Birthday & Greeting Cards, Soy Candles, Seed-embedded Christmas Cards, Spring Flowering Bulbs and Healthy Snacks. Browse the range below.

Plan your fundraising activities for the year with our handy Fundraising Season Planner, designed to help you make your selection depending on your climate zone and time of the year.  This handy sheet also contains some general FAQs.