Grass Hair Kits


Kids go crazy for these gorgeous grass-haired little characters!  Available in two ranges, “Old MacDonald’s Farm” and “Christmas Range”, each kit includes everything you need to grow your character’s grass hair, then cut and style as you wish.


Available for stalls and take-home drives, each carry/display box contains 12 characters:

Old MacDonald’s Farm:

  • 3 x Cow
  • 3 x Pig
  • 3 x Lamb
  • 3 x Chicken

Christmas Range:

  • 3 x Rudolph
  • 3 x Santa Claus
  • 3 x Snowman
  • 3 x Polar Bear

Sell each character for $5.00 | Total sales per carry box is $60 | You keep 40% of sales—$24 per carry box.

Available for take-home drives, order form drives and stalls/events.

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