Herb Growing Kits

Our Herb Growing Kits are designed to grow tasty herbs on your window sill, and at the same time, decorate your home! The kits contain everything you need to grow your herbs from seeds and the tin is specially-designed so you won’t need to do any re-potting. Great for Mother’s Day!  Each carry bag contains 5 Herb Growing Kits for a take-home or stall/display fundraiser:

  • 1 x Basil
  • 1 x Parsley
  • 1 x Chives
  • 1 x Coriander
  • 1 x Mint 

Sell each flower kit for $7 | Total sales per carry bag is $35 | You keep 40% of sales – $14 per carry bag.

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$35.00 $21.00