Veggie Growing Kits

There’s nothing better than growing your own fresh produce. These Veggie Growing Kits take the hard work (and mess) out of starting your veggie patch.

Our Veggie Growing Kits use quality seeds and special soil pellets made from coconut fibre to ensure the best possible quality and environmental benefits. Each mini greenhouse includes everything you need to grow your veggies to seedling stage. Start your plants early and move to the garden once big enough to handle.

10 varieties to choose from:

  • Mixed Lettuce
  • Mixed Capsicum
  • Cherry Tomato
  • Mini Lebanese Cucumber
  • Green Beans
  • Snow Pea*
  • Chilli Serrano
  • Sweet Corn*
  • Piccolo Pumpkin
  • Rainbow Silverbeet.

* Please note we are currently unable to ship Snow Peas to Tasmania or Corn to WA due to Quarantine restrictions. Replacement products of your choice can be arranged.

What is included in each Veggie Growing Kit?

1 mini greenhouse, 6 netted soil pellets and 1 packet of veggie seeds. Instructions and growing tips are included on the packaging.

How long can I keep it before planting?

Your seeds can store for up to 2 years in a cool, dry place. Seed viability may diminish after this time.

When should I plant my seeds?

Each veggie punnet has a growing guide. Please check the guide for best growing times for your area of Australia. The punnet also includes detailed instructions on how to grow your veggies.

How often and how much should I water?

The mini-greenhouses are designed to require very little water. Keep them in a warm (not hot) and sunny place and keep an eye on the soil surface. If it starts to look dry, dribble a small
amount of water onto each coir pellet. Aim to keep the greenhouses sealed and a decent level of condensation
inside the lid. If you happen to over water, gently tip the water out.

Can I re-use or recycle the greenhouse?

Absolutely. Once your veggie seedlings have grown and you have transplanted them, simply replace the coir pellets and off you grow! Your greenhouse can be placed in your recycling bin if you wish to dispose of it.

Can I combine the veggies with other products?

Yes! We encourage you to create your own product mix to maximise your profits.

Can I order more or less of any of the varieties?

Yes! You are welcome to order just the varieties you prefer.

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