Limited Edition Collections

Living Fundraisers is now offering Limited Edition kits to help you spice up your fundraising.

Our popular Grass Hair Kits are a hit with kids and adults alike, they make for perfect healthy party favours or stocking stuffers for the kids, but equally make fun desk top ornaments in the office. Each kit comes with a ceramic character pot, soil pellet and grass seeds to grow your own grass hair friend whose hair you can style.

These little critters make the perfect year-round fundraiser. They include Ryegrass seeds that grow well both indoors and outdoors and in just 7 days you can be cutting and styling their grassy green hair. The affordable $6 price point makes them easy to sell and provides you with a good $2.40 profit per unit.

These Limited Edition kits are available while stocks last, once they’re gone, they won’t be seen again. So get in quick to secure your stock now!

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