Grass Hair Kits

We believe gardening should be fun and easy, and it doesn’t get any more enjoyable than growing hair on your Grass Hair pet. The hair grows in just days and can be styled or cut as you choose. These Grass hair kits make great stocking fillers, party favours or desk ornaments.

Each kit comes complete with character pot, soil pellet and Ryegrass seeds.

8 Characters to choose from:

  • Old MacDonald’s Farm (Cow, Pig, Chicken & Lamb)
  • Christmas (Santa, Rudolph, Snowman & Polar Bear)

Free display box with every 12 units ordered.

***LIMITED EDITION***: We have a special range of Limited Edition Grass Hair Kits. Check out the range here.

What is included in each Grass Hair Kit?

1 ceramic character pot, 1 soil pellet, 1 packet of grass seeds, instructions and growing tips.

How long do they keep?

You can store them for up to 2 years in a cool, dry place. Seed viability may diminish after this time.

When can they be grown?

The kits can be grown indoors all year round.

How much water do they need?

They will need watering every 2-3 days depending on the weather. Keep moist but do not over-water.

Do they need to be transplanted?

No, you can keep growing grass hair in your pot. Simply cut and style as soon as the grass is long enough!

Can I order more or less of any of the characters?

Yes! You are welcome to order just the characters you prefer.

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