Flower Growing Kits

Do you know someone who loves the idea of fresh cut flowers but hates the fact that they die? Well these Flower Growing Kits are the gift that keeps on growing.

These fun, easy to grow flower kits include a pot made from eco-friendly bamboo and rice husks.  Each kit includes everything you need to grow a beautiful pot of flowers.

5 varieties to choose from:

  • Dwarf Sunflower
  • Aster ‘Colour Carpet’
  • Swan River Daisy ‘Splendour Mix’
  • Snapdragon ‘Tom Thumb’
  • Petunia ‘Happy Colours’

What is included in each Flower Growing Kit?

1 biodegradable pot with saucer, soil pellet, 1 packet of flower seeds, 1 vial of fertiliser, instructions and growing tips.

Save our Bees – All these seed varieties will attract bees and other beneficial insects to your garden!

How long do they keep?

They can store for up to 2 years in a cool, dry place. Seed viability may diminish after this time.

When can they be grown?

Each Flower Growing Kit comes with a growing guide according to climate zone and full instructions.

What is the pot made from? Can they be re-used or recycled?

The pots are made from bamboo fibre and rice husks, so are sustainably produced and biodegradable. They can be re-used again and again. To discard, simply bury in the garden to break down over time.

Can I combine the flowers with other products?

Yes! We encourage you to create your own product mix to maximise your profits.

Can I order more or less of any of the varieties?

Yes! You are welcome to order just the varieties you prefer.

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