Seed Embedded Christmas Cards **SOLD OUT**


Bring your Season’s Greetings to life with these seed embedded Christmas Cards. Each card comes with a seed embedded Christmas tree cutout which grows Australian Native Swan River Daisies when planted in the garden. Four cards per set.

2 card design sets available:

  • Set 1 (Black and Gold)
  • Set 2 (Pink and Gold)

How many cards in each gift box?

Each gift box contains 4 different cards, each containing a special Christmas tree made from recycled paper embedded with seeds.

How does the seeded paper work?

The paper can be planted to grow Australian native, Swan River Daisies (Brachycome iberidifolia). Each card contains instructions and growing tips on the back. The seeds can store for up to 2 years in a cool, dry place. Seed viability may diminish after this time.

Can the cards be sent overseas and throughout Australia?

The seeded paper is permitted in all Australian states and territories. We recommend checking quarantine restrictions for the destination country if sending overseas.

When should I run a Christmas cards drive?

October and November are the peak times when people buy Christmas cards. Getting in earlier can work well. We find that most Christmas card drives are successful from the start of September through to early December.

Are the cards designed locally?

Yes, our gorgeous cards are designed locally in Sydney.

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