Birthday & Greeting Cards

Never be stranded without a greeting card again. You’ll find a card for every occasion in our range of beautiful embellished greeting cards. From birthdays and new babies, to thanks and farewells, you’ll always have the perfect card on hand.

The boxed-sets each contain 10 different cards that are embellished in their own unique way. Some have a 3D pop-up effect, while others feature reflective foil, embossing or glitter. Each card is packed in a protective sleeve with a matching envelope.

3 different sets to choose from:

  • Birthday Collection 1
  • Birthday Collection 2
  • Celebrations.

How many cards in each box?

Each gift box contains 10 cards, each with a different design. At $1.50 per card, they are great value.

Are the cards designed locally?

Yes, our gorgeous cards are designed locally in Sydney and feature unique embellishments. Some are embossed, some have reflective foil, others have glitter and some have a 3D pop-up effect.

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