No Mugs or Magnets here!

Narara Public School wanted something a little different for their Mother’s Day stall this year so went for Living Fundraisers’ new Grow in the Tin Herb Kits and Flower Growing Kits.

“The kids loved having something new and exciting that they watch grow with their families, and the mums were happy to receive a gift of such high quality this time round – not another mug or fridge magnet!” explained committee member, Hannah.

Knowing that many of the kids would buy more than one present for their mums, the committee ordered enough for two per child and were thrilled with only a handful of left overs at the end!  “It was a great result” said Hannah. “We will probably use the few left overs next year, or just donate them as prizes this year.”

The committee wrapped the kits for their stall, leaving a few open on display so they could show the kids what they look like and how the work.  Hannah said the kits were an easy sell and the kids seemed to know exactly how they worked!  “Living Fundraisers’ materials made it so easy and the service was amazing and really personable.  The products were a great price too” she said.

For the past few years, the school’s Mother’s Day gifts had been set at $7 and whilst Living Fundraisers’ items have a recommended retail price of $6, the committee decided to stick with what everyone was used to, meaning they made a higher profit!

Hannah highly recommends Living Fundraisers growing kits for Mother’s Day stalls and thinks the Herbs and Veggie Growing Kits would make great Father’s Day gifts too.