‘No choc factor’ makes organic growing kits a hit!

When Annie Magee heard about an expensive new cerebral palsy therapy with the potential to change her nephew’s life, she was determined to make a meaningful contribution towards the cost of his treatment.

She got in touch with the team at Living Fundraisers and has been amazed by the popularity of their Organic Herb, Veggie and Flower Growing kits.

Annie’s nephew Ryder suffers from severe cerebral palsy, epilepsy and impaired vision, and his family are desperate to enroll him in a 6-week intensive treatment program offered only in the United States – and costing $30,000.

“I was feeling a bit helpless about not being able to make a significant financial contribution to Ryder’s treatment, and thought fundraising might be an option,” said Annie.

“So I hopped online and Googled ‘fundraising ideas in Victoria’ – Living Fundraisers was the first result. I hadn’t heard of them before but was very excited that they weren’t selling chocolate!”

A seasoned fundraiser, Annie spoke to a group of close family and friends about whether they could support her with promoting the fundraiser more widely that she’d be able to on her own.

“The ‘no choc factor’ made it much easier for me to get other people on board to run mini-fundraisers in their local areas – they all loved the concept of selling natural, living products.”

One of Annie’s helpers also got in touch with her local primary school to see if they would support the fundraiser, and was delighted when they said yes. “Getting the school in board meant we were able to place a much larger order with Living Fundraisers as we essentially had an additional 120 families helping us with our fundraiser.”

Ryder’s fundraiser has just reached $3,500 raised and is still going strong, and Annie is full of praise for Living Fundraisers.

“We have been thrilled with Living Fundraisers every step of the way,” said Annie. “It’s been a fantastic experience throughout – from the team’s quick response to my initial enquiry to their consistent encouragement and flexibility. The presentation of their products is bright and fun, and their beautiful carry bags and product information really makes the Living Fundraisers kits stand out.”

“It’s definitely the most well-organised fundraiser I’ve ever been involved with.”, said Annie.