Munch and move those fundraisers!

Keep those kits coming!

A child care centre in a regional area it isn’t just a child care centre; it’s a community centre.  Everyone gets involved and that’s what makes it exciting.

When Jason and the committee decided to raise funds for the centre using the Living Fundraiser vegie growing kits, they knew they were onto a good thing.  The choice fitted well with the NSW Health program “Munch and Move” which encourages kids to eat well.  It also fitted their intention to raise funds in a way that involved the kids in a learning activity.

The first order was for 40 vegie kits but when parents saw the brochures, they also wanted herb kits so the centre placed a second order.

Parents took the kits and brochures to work and sold so many that Jason had to re-order 3 more times just to keep up.

The most exciting for Jason was the way the fundraiser let the learning build out of it.

When the kids saw their parents getting involved, they followed and it spread like a movement throughout the area.  Some of the herbs and vegies were planted at the centre and the children checked them every day and learnt to water and tend them.  As the plants grew, the kids would proudly take their parents and grandparents to visit the garden and see how well it was doing.

The fundraiser was a double bonus.  Not only did it raise funds for the centre, it provided food for the kids to eat, and it was food that they had grown themselves.

Jason says that this was one of the simpler fundraisers they had ever run and the 40% return was amazing.  There was very little work involved because all he had to do was to order according to demand.  The parents were pleased to be running a fundraiser that was healthy and educational.

Jason’s tips

For anyone considering running this fundraiser, especially in a regional area, Jason recommends:

  • Get staff involved before the kits arrive
  • Get the support of local businesses even if only to have the brochures on their counters
  • Choose the right time of year so the plants grow to their best
  • Have a clear start and finish date
  • Encourage the kids to show off their gardens and share recipes

He also says that you must be ready to roll as soon as the kits arrive because once they start selling, people will want more.

Overall, the fundraiser was simple with great profit for the centre and one that everyone chose to be involved in.  It benefited the kids and it benefited the centre and that was a great thing for the community.  They plan on running this fundraiser again.