Mountains of Majestic Money

Majestic Calisthenics decided to ramp up their fundraising efforts this year with the help of Living Fundraisers and their bonus profits offer.  They booked two Closet Cleanout drives, a Birthday & Greeting Cards take home drive and a Herb & Vegie take home drive.  By booking the drives in at the same time, the group received 45% profit on their Card drive and will receive a huge 50% profit on their growing products later in the year.  They are also receiving 25c per kilo for both Closet Cleanout collections!

“The Closet Cleanout was an easy choice” explained Colleen.  “We were however a little wary about running two take-home drives due to previous fundraising experiences, but, with the reassurance of being able to return unsold products, we were pretty easily sold in the end!”

Majestic’s families were really impressed with the quality and cost of the Birthday & Greeting Cards.  “You can’t get them that cheap at the discount stores!” Colleen remarked.  Most families sold their full bag, with some even taking extras.  For their next drive they will ensure bags are handed out quickly and that a register is drawn up to help minimise the “chasing”.  As with many Calisthenics clubs, most people only see each other once a week which can make communication a little tricky.

Colleen also plans to promote the profit margins more next time as not everyone was fully aware of their impact during their last drive.  “The bonus profits offer was a great way to boost our funds and the Living Fundraisers team were fantastic – so easy to deal with.  Let’s hope for an even more successful drive later in the year” she said.

The funds raised through Majestic’s four Living Fundraisers drives this year will go towards costumes, props and competition entries.