Make your fundraiser a winner on Election Day!

Election Days are great fundraising opportunities for your school or organisation – particularly if it’s a polling place. 

You can make your fundraiser visible to an audience you may not usually have access to and raise additional funds for your school or organisation.

We’ve included some tips below to help you ensure your Election Day fundraiser is a success.

Before the day

Ensure you have space in a high traffic area. Voters will be queuing during busy periods, so think about where they’re likely to be standing and ensure your stall is visible.

Check if you will have access to a table and chairs for your stall, and a secure storage area for extra stock and materials.

Create a roster of volunteers to man your stall throughout the day, ensuring there are at least two people present at all times.

On the day

Make it clear that you’re running a fundraiser and promote what / who you’re fundraising for.

Use colourful signs and banners to attract attention and encourage people to engage with your stand. Living Fundraisers will supply posters with your order that you can use.

Provide display versions or photos of the product/s you’re selling. (If you’re running a Living Fundraisers drive, you can use the flyers from the carry bags).

Make sure someone is located at the stand at all times.

Keep cash in a locked box and within your line of sight.

Things to take with you

Signs or banners promoting your fundraiser


Sticky tape or Blu-Tack

Display versions or photos of your product/s

Cash box (with a starting float of mixed notes and coins)

Trolley to move stock

Table and chairs (if these are not available at the venue)

Water and snacks for your volunteers

The Living Fundraisers team have heaps of experience running Election Day fundraisers – please call us on 1300 848 993 or email if you have any questions for us.