Life Saver

Moorabbin Magic Basketball Club, home to approximately 180 junior basketballers, had been running for quite some time without a committee and was in dire financial straits. If they didn’t raise some funds soon, the Club was at risk of becoming extinct.

Coordinating the fundraising effort was Di, who ordered 170 bags of Living Fundraisers herb growing kits to help save the Club.

“It was bigger than I expected,” she said. “I had a pallet arrive in my driveway!”

The efforts, however, we well worth it. Over 130 bags of herbs were sold by the kids as well as their parents, all of whom were excited about the products. The response was “overwhelmingly positive” and they were just so easy to sell.

“The packaging was great, bright and appealing, and because we focus on healthy lifestyles, they were much better received than chocolates or other usual fundraisers.”

Overall, although it involved a huge coordination effort, the fundraiser was very easy. The teams were rarely in the same place at the same time so Di decided to work through the 24 team managers. She organised each of the team managers to take charge in distributing the bags to their team members.  Di says that being organised and keeping up communication is the key.  The team managers were great at following up with their teams and it meant that Di only had to liaise with the managers, rather than 24 teams of individuals.

“I used the templates provided by Living Fundraisers, which helped a lot, and let people know what was going on, giving them clear dates and times,” Di says. “I also didn’t give them an ‘out’, not telling them they could return any products not sold. I think that helped, and I’d suggest doing that.”

She recommends anyone choosing Living Fundraisers make use of the templates and information on the website.

“You were terrific to deal with and the information was helpful. Living Fundraisers are our hero at the moment; you saved the Club.”