Last minute DIY Fathers Day gift

Ok so if you are anything like me, you have grand plans of making the perfect Fathers Day gift, spending hours with your little ones making it just right… but then life happens and before you know it Father’s Day is here and surprise – there’s no gift! Well this year I have come up with the perfect last minute DIY gift for the gardener Dad – hand printed gloves. These are super quick and easy to do and something special for Dad to use while he’s out in the garden.

Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush
Gardening Gloves
Sharpies and Textas



1. Paint your child’s hand with the acrylic paint.
2. Get your child to press their painted hand onto the inside of the matching glove. Try to match their fingers up with the fingers of the gloves.

3. Remove your child’s hand and repeat for the second glove.
4. Put your gloves outside to dry.

5. Cut the paper or cardboard to the desired size (we used crimping scissors to make it look nicer). Write your desired message on the card with your markers.
6. Attach your paper or cardboard to the gloves with twine.