Kid friendly melon cutting

If your kids are anything like mine the warmer weather hits and they can not get enough of all the yummy fresh fruit around. One of our favourites heading into summer is watermelon. They love it but I have always dreaded having to cut it up – until now. I discovered this great little hack on social media and can not tell you how much easier it makes fruit cutting and eating!

Step 1 – Cut the watermelon in half

Step 2 – Place one half of the watermelon face down on the chopping board.

Step 3 – Cut 2-3cm thick slices through the watermelon half.

Step 4 – Rotate the watermelon  90 degrees and repeat the slicing. ( remember to hold the                  watermelon with your other hand while doing this)

And thats it! Its that simple. You now have slices of watermelon that are easy to hold, by even the smallest of hands, making it child’s play to eat and way less messier. It is also much easier to store the watermelon when cut in this shape. Enjoy this handy tip and make the most of the good weather on its way!