It's in the bag for Spring

Great communication and organisation were the keys to success and raising more than $1,000 to buy a new curriculum computer and laptop for the 29 children who attend Kingston Kindergarten in regional South Australia.

The kinder only operates two days a week, with some children attending one day only. “The four week deadline was a little scary,” said organiser Julie.

The committee maintained regular communication with families, placing information about the fundraiser in the newsletter each week, and reminders in each child’s pigeon hole, advising of due dates and other important information.

“Be open, be upfront and just let everyone know what’s involved,” said Julie. They were very clear about deadlines, and set specific days and times when cash and/or unsold items could be returned. Spreadsheets helped keep track of who had and hadn’t received a bag, who came back for more, and who had returned their funds. When the fundraiser finished, only one follow up call was required.

The fundraiser was extended to include the local community, who appreciated knowing what Living Fundraisers was all about, and what the funds were being raised for. Julie says that she now drives past homes of “non-kinder families” and sees their fundraising efforts on window sills.

To make the job easier and straightforward, only one member of the kindergarten committee is responsible for each fundraiser. Julie had a group assist her though, as they chose to provide each family with a mixed bag, including flowers, herbs and vegetables, to sell. The team re-mixed the kits to include some of each product in each bag.

The parents loved the idea and an impressive 42 carry-bags of product sold (more than one bag per family!).

“Living Fundraisers made it so easy. The two girls we spoke to were fantastic, the packaging was really nice and the weekly emails were really helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone,” said Julie.

When asked if they were happy with Living Fundraisers, Julie radiated.

“We were ecstatic! It is one of the best fundraisers we’ve ever done!”

They’ll be selling Christmas cards next year…