It’s all in the packaging

Clifton Street Children’s Centre is a non-profit child care centre which relies on fundraising to pay for things which need to be done around the centre.  This year the committee had a huge task in front of them: the yard needed major improvements.

After seeing the high profit offered by Living Fundraisers, the committee chose to sell herbs and veggies for their major fundraising effort.

They mixed the herbs and veggies so each carry bag contained 5 herbs and 5 veggies. The results were excellent with the bags selling out quickly.  Families were very pleased to be raising funds with something different from the regular fundraising products and said that this made them far easier to sell in their workplaces.

Fundraising coordinator, Irene was particularly impressed with the packaging, saying that the presentation was lovely.  “It really made the product look exciting and inviting, “she said. “The colours caught parent’s eyes as they came to collect their child and they always stopped to find out what it was.”

Cleverly, Irene set up a display stand in the centre’s reception foyer.  She pinned up a Living Fundraiser poster and created a display to show off the goodies.  Bags filled with herbs and vegies were there for parents to pick up as they passed by.  Each bag had the instructions pinned to it so it was clear what they had to do and by when.

“The packaging really caught their attention and that’s what made it easy for us to promote the fundraiser.”

“Parents would stop and ask about the bags.  The packaging really caught their attention and that’s what made it easy for us to promote the fundraiser.  We made it as simple as possible for parents to grab a bag and keep going,” Irene said.

The committee followed the fundraising guide that came with the kits and Irene credits it with helping them to stay on track throughout the process.

Irene has some great tips for anyone who might be planning to run the same fundraiser:

  • Firstly, she suggests putting the poster up as soon as it arrives.  She also recommends displaying the product in its packaging for maximum impact.
  • Secondly, and this is a super tip, she recommends having the children involved.  “If children are involved you will have a better sell through”, Irene said.  “Send your child together with the plants in their bags into Dad’s work.  Who can resist a child when you look into their eyes?”

People often tell us that our products sell themselves.  In this case, the packaging played an important role in the success of the fundraiser.

The Clifton Street Children’s Centre has now had a snazzy upgrade to their outdoor area and some tasty new herbs and veggies thriving in their kitchen garden beds.