How to run an Order Form Drive


Each fundraising participant takes home an order form and collects orders and money. You then collate the orders, send to us, then distribute items back to your sellers.

Copies of our order forms can be downloaded here

We are also happy to provide printed copies. Please contact us to advise which form/s and the quantity required.

A poster to promote your drive can be downloaded here.

Please note we are currently unable to ship Snow Peas to Tasmania or Corn to WA due to Quarantine restrictions. Replacement products of your choice can be arranged.

Before you distribute your forms


  • If you haven’t already, notify your participants that the drive is coming up and the date you will distribute the order forms. Let them know why you are running the fundraiser and what the money raised will be used for.
  • Arrange a place where people will return their orders and money. Make sure to include arrangements for how the money will be banked and secured each day to prevent it from ‘disappearing’.
  • When you hand out the order forms, note clearly when and where participants need to return their orders and money.  We recommend you give people a maximum of two weeks and then allow yourself an extra week to chase up stragglers before placing your order with us. Please see the bottom of this page for a suggested letter template.

Placing your order


  • Once you have received all your orders, tally up the total number of each item. You can do this as a list in an email; on a blank order form and fax it to us; or you can use the excel spreadsheet available here.  Please make sure you include the delivery address for your order.
  • A nominal fee of $20.00 is charged to cover shipping and handling.
  • Living Fundraisers collates and dispatches orders three times a week.
    • orders received by 3pm on Mondays are dispatched on Wednesday
    • orders received by 3pm on Wednesday are dispatched on Friday
    • orders received by 3pm on Friday are dispatched on Monday
  • Please note that we dispatch from Melbourne, so please allow transit time to your location.
  • We will email a confirmation of your order once it is processed including your invoice and details on how you can track the transit of your order via our courier company.
  • Once you receive your invoice you are able to process any credit card slips you may receive. Please follow this process.

Distributing your orders

  • Include a note with orders thanking people for their participation and letting them know how much was raised through their effort and what the money will be used for. This helps people to feel appreciated and that their work was worthwhile. It also allows them to tell their buyers how they helped your organisation, which will make them more likely to say yes the next time you are fundraising.


Click here for a printable version of these guidelines.


Dear [Parent/Families/Member]

Every year we run fundraising activities so that we can raise money to pay for essential resources for our organisation/school.

This year we are working with Living Fundraisers because they are an Australian company and offer healthy, fun & educational products.

We believe that this fundraiser sets a better example than the traditional lolly or chocolate drive. The more people involved, the more we will make and the more we can do for our children/community. 

To order, simply complete the attached order form and return the form and money by the due date. 

Please return your money & orders to [location] before [date].

The funds raised from this fundraiser will be used to buy [insert what you are fundraising for]. We are hoping to raise $[amount] and really need your support to reach this target. 

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact: [Contact name, email/phone].

Thank you for your involvement in this fundraiser. Every little bit makes a big difference and strengthens our community. 

Kind regards[insert name/position/organisation]

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