Living Fundraisers

How to run a Take Home Drive

A traditional method of fundraising is the take home drive. Each family or participant takes home a carry bag/box of your chosen products. They then sell the items in the carry bag/box and return the money to the coordinator.

These tips and checklist are designed to help your drive run smoothly and maximise your profits.


Receiving your order

  • All items received in good condition, nothing missing or damaged (contact Fundraysia ASAP if your order arrives damaged or incomplete).
  • Give the invoice to the person who will pay the bill and ensure they are aware of the due date.

If you haven’t done so already

  • Let people involved in the drive know it is coming up and what they need to do.
  • Safe place for money storage and banking organised
  • Distribution time, method & helpers organised
  • Instruction note to go home with carry bags/boxes printed and ready to go

Tips on how to run your Take Home drive

  1. Each carry bag/box comes equipped with your chosen products, a product information sheet, money envelope and credit card slip.  HINT: Improve the success of your fundraiser by promoting it to your wider community. Approach local businesses to display flyers and sell items. Contact your local media with details on your group and why it is fundraising.
  2. We recommend you include a letter in (or stapled to) each carry bag/box informing your participants about the fundraiser.
  3. We suggest you send the bags/boxes home with families for 2 weeks (any longer and bags will get lost or forgotten about!)  HINT: Make the fundraiser fun by setting weekly targets, eg: create a money ‘thermometer’ that shows how much money has been received each week. Use assemblies, newsletters, group emails, social media and your website to highlight the progress of the drive. You could also provide prizes and incentives for biggest seller, fastest seller, most creative seller, etc.
  4. At the end of your drive thank your participants and share your results.