How to run a Take Home Drive


The most popular method of fundraising is the take home drive. Each family or participant takes home a carry bag/box of your chosen products. They then sell the items in the carry bag/box and return the money to the coordinator.

Each carry bag/box comes equipped with your chosen products, a product information sheet, money envelope and credit card slip.  We will also send you some posters to promote your drive. HINT: Improve the success of your fundraiser by promoting it to your wider community. Approach local businesses to display flyers and sell items. Contact your local media with details on your group and why it is fundraising.

We recommend you include a letter in (or stapled to) each carry bag/box informing your participants about the fundraiser. Please see suggested letter template at the end of this page. Replace the blue highlighted sections with your details before printing at distributing with the carry bags/boxes.

We suggest you send the bags/boxes home with families for 2 weeks (any longer and bags will get lost or forgotten about!)  We’ll send you weekly templates to copy and paste to keep your group informed and encouraged throughout the drive.  HINT: Make the fundraiser fun by setting weekly targets, eg: create a money ‘thermometer’ that shows how much money has been received each week. Use assemblies, newsletters, group emails, social media and your website to highlight the progress of the drive. You could also provide prizes and incentives for biggest seller, fastest seller, most creative seller, etc.

When it comes to wrapping up the drive you may receive some returns. To see our returns policy, click here.  You may also receive some additional orders.  Fulfill what you can out of your returns and whatever else is required can be placed as a top up order – we will simply send you an additional invoice for the items you need.  Just make sure you place the order before your original invoice due date to receive free delivery.

To process any credit card slips you may receive, click here.

Once your additional orders are placed and any returns authorised, payment can be made to Living Fundraisers. Details are on your invoice.

At the end of your drive thank your participants and share your results.

For a printable version of these guidelines, please click here.

For a list of printable resources click here.


Dear [Parent/Families/Member]

Every year we run fundraising activities so that we can raise money to pay for essential resources for our organisation/school.

This year we are working with Living Fundraisers and we are asking everyone to sell [insert product/s]. We have chosen Living Fundraisers because they are an Australian company and offer healthy, fun & educational products.

We believe that this fundraiser sets a better example than the traditional lolly or chocolate drive. The more people involved, the more we sell and the more we can do for our children/community. Please help us by selling your items as quickly as possible and returning your money & any unsold items before the due date.

Enclosed in your carry bag/box is information on the products and an envelope to place your payment. The back of the information sheet also includes a credit card slip and space to take additional orders if you run out of any items.

Please return your payment to [location] before [date].

Please ensure you have written your name and [class/phone number] on the back of the money envelope before returning it.

The money raised from this fundraiser will be used to buy [insert what you are fundraising for]. We are hoping to raise $[amount] and really need your support to reach this target.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact: [Contact name, email/phone].

Thank you for your involvement in this fundraiser. Every little bit makes a big difference and strengthens our community.

Kind regards

[insert name/position/organisation]


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