How to run a Stall/Event


Our products work well at a range of events including markets, fetes/fairs, BBQs and more. They make wonderful gifts for people of all ages, all over Australia. They can also be sold at shopping centres and community events, or be purchased to give as donations or corporate gifts. If this is your first stall/event fundraiser, we recommend ordering conservatively and adding order forms.

Receiving your order

  • Ensure there is adequate and secure storage space at the delivery location. Living Fundraisers’ kits usually come packed 5 to a carton, so divide your number of kits (carry bags/boxes) by 5 to work out the number of boxes that will arrive.
  • Check the delivery docket against your order to make sure the correct number of boxes have been delivered. Check the boxes to make sure nothing is damaged or missing. Please contact us as soon as possible if you receive an incomplete or damaged order.

Designing your display

  • Make it clear you are fundraising and what/who you are fundraising for. Colourful signs and banners will attract attention and engage people with your group.
  • If you are selling Herbs, Veggies, Fruit or Flowers, have some photos or display items showing them grown. You can use your Fundraising Guide or the flyers in each carry bag for this purpose.

At the event

  • Make sure there is someone at the stand/display at all times.
  • Keep cash in a locked box and in sight.

Checklist for your event

  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape/blue tack
  • Cash box & float
  • Trolley to carry boxes
  • Signs/banners about your organisation
  • Photos or display versions of product/s
  • Table/s & chairs (if not supplied)
  • Table cloth/s & stands to prop up display items

At the end of your stall you may have some left overs.  To see if you qualify for returns, please visit our policy here.  You may also receive some additional orders for items you sold out of.  Simply let us know the extra items you need and we will send you another invoice.  Just make sure you place the order before your original invoice due date to receive free delivery.

Once your additional orders are placed and any returns authorised, payment can be made to Living Fundraisers. Details are on your invoice.

At the end of your drive thank your participants and share your results.

For a printable version of these guidelines, please click here.

For a list of printable resources click here.

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