Living Fundraisers

How to run a Customised Webshop Drive

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new customised webshop, online ordering system. Each fundraising group can now have a personalised webshop to help sell their fundraising products far and wide. It takes the hassle out of collating paperwork and handling payments, leaving fundraising coordinators with more time for promotional activities. We now also offer the option of home delivery, so you’re not limited to only selling locally! All this comes FREE with every fundraiser booked with us.

The team at Living Fundraisers will set up your customised webshop with the products you wish to sell. Just supply us with a logo (or profile picture), a coordinator contact name and contact number for enquiries, a bank account for distribution of profits and a pick up address for order collection. We can also include a financial target measure on your page if you like.

Your group creates a flyer or marketing email with a link to your webshop.

Each fundraising participant distributes the webshop link to customers to browse your shop and purchase. They can pay by credit card and choose free collection from your chosen location, or they can pay* for shipping direct to their home (*shipping fee applies, Refer to T’s & C’s for cost).

A poster/flyer to promote your drive is available on the downloads page.

Before you distribute your flyers

  1. If you haven’t already, notify your participants that the drive is coming up and the date you will distribute the flyers. Let them know why you are running the fundraiser and what the money raised will be used for.
  2. When you hand out the flyers, note clearly when participants need to order by. We recommend you give people a maximum of two weeks. Please see suggested letter to participant template on the downloads page. Replace the [bracketed] sections with your details before printing and distributing with the promotional flyers.

Placing your order

  1. Once your drive has ended we will close off the webshop from taking orders.
  2. The Living Fundraisers team will then collate all your orders and arrange a delivery date with you.
  3. A nominal fee of $20.00 is charged to cover shipping and handling to your chosen delivery location.
  4. If customers paid for home delivery, they will have their products shipped direct to them at completion of your drive.
  5. Living Fundraisers collates and dispatches orders three times a week.
    • orders received by 3pm on Mondays are dispatched on Wednesday
    • orders received by 3pm on Wednesday are dispatched on Friday
    • orders received by 3pm on Friday are dispatched on Monday
  6. Please note that we dispatch from Melbourne, so please allow transit time to your location.
  7. We will email a confirmation of your order once it is processed and details on how you can track the transit of your order via our courier company. We will also include details of each customers order for easy distribution.
  8. Once your order has been processed, we will transfer the profits to your designated bank account.

Distributing your orders

Include a note with orders thanking people for their participation and letting them know how much was raised through their effort and what the money will be used for. This helps people to feel appreciated and that their work was worthwhile. It also allows them to tell their buyers how they helped your organisation, which will make them more likely to say yes the next time you are fundraising.