How to make Credit Card Payments  

  1. Go to
  2. Tick “pay invoice”, enter your invoice number and click “check” (your invoice was emailed upon dispatch of goods and a hard copy included within the delivery).
  3. Change the “Amount To Pay” to reflect the amount on the credit card slip.  Important: if you don’t change the amount, you will charge the payer the full invoice amount.
  4. Enter the payer’s card details.  Note: no spaces between numbers.
  5. Review and click “submit”.
  6. Confirmation of successful payment will appear on your screen.

The above process is to be repeated for each credit card slip you receive. It is up to you whether you process them as they come in, or save them up to do in one sitting. Once you have processed all credit card payments, give us a call or send an email to let us know. We will then send you a statement summarising your account and showing the final amount owing on your invoice.

The balance can then be paid to Living Fundraisers via credit card, cheque, money order or bank transfer. Details will be shown on your statement and are also on your invoice.