Herbs Help Grow Bookworms

We recently spoke with Veronica, a parent who ran a fundraiser with us and raised more than $4,500 to build a library at her childcare centre. Veronica shares her advice and tips on how to make your fundraiser a success…

Veronica is on the fundraising committee for her daughter’s childcare centre in Melbourne. The centre normally does fundraisers by order form—things like organic bananas, school photos, and the kid’s artwork on cards.”We normally raise around $700 per fundraiser”, she said. “The most we’ve ever made was $1,500”.The centre decided to run a Living Fundraisers campaign to raise money to build a library at the centre. It was the first time they’d tried a send-home fundraising option. “It was the best fundraiser we’ve ever run”, said Veronica. “We raised over $4,500 and everyone loved it”.

“I think it was also successful because the products were so different”, Veronica said. “Especially that it wasn’t chocolate and that the products were cheap, so easy to sell”. Veronica and the committee were well organised, which helped the fundraiser go smoothly. “Each room in the centre was given a bag for each family”. Centre staff helped with distributing the bags and also with collecting the money when it was returned.

To communicate to families, the committee included notices in the ‘sign-in’ book at the front door of the centre, sent notices home and had signs all around the centre reminding people the deadline to return their money and any unsold product. They also put a letter in each carry bag to inform parents that it was to raise money for the library and when and how to return their money once they sold their herbs.

Veronica told us that the library is now under construction and should be finished in the next few months. Congratulations to everyone involved and all our best for growing a new generation of bookworms!