Healthy products produce very healthy profits!

Melissa coordinated two fundraisers at once: one for Canobolas Public School and another for Nashdale Playgroup. She expected the Living Fundraisers products to be popular, but she couldn’t have guessed that she’d be getting positive feedback at the school gate every day and placing a reorder after the first weekend!

“I’d seen the Living Fundraisers products at a local school fete earlier in the year. The bright bags and photos really stood out – I thought the stand looked fantastic and got contact details with a view to running a fundraiser at Canobolas Primary later in the year,” said Melissa.

Melissa ordered herb, veggie and flower growing kits and christmas cards and organised a working bee with parents from the primary school and playgroup to re-mix the carry bags so that each family received some of each product to sell.

“We had fantastic support for the fundraiser – all families participated to some extent, and we were able to distribute any excess stock to those who were selling a lot. I knew we were onto a good thing when some parents had sold all their bags after the fundraiser had only been running for three days!”, said Melissa.

Having previously focused mainly on event-based fundraisers like sausage sizzles and school discos, Melissa found running Living Fundraiser drives to be a breeze.

“I really enjoy organising events, but it can be very time consuming. The process with our Living Fundraiser drives was very straightforward and took up much less time, which made running two at once very manageable.”

The profit from the fundraisers has also been just fantastic – we raised more than $1,200 which is great for such as small number of families (62 at Canobolas Primary and 10 at Nashdale Playgroup). Every additional carry bag sold is really worthwhile when you keep 40% of all sales!”