Choosing the healthy option with no up-front costs

When you run a small after school program there isn’t a lot of money available to support your normal activities, let alone your fundraising efforts.

That was the problem that Dyan from Eight Mile Plains Early Learning Centre in Brisbane faced when searching for a way to raise funds without having to spend money that she didn’t have.

Dyan chose Living Fundraisers because, unlike the other fundraising options, she did not have to pay for the products up-front. That gave her a great way to create funds without being out of pocket at any stage.

Also important to her was the chance to offer a healthy alternative to the chocolate drives that were being offered by other places in the area.

Dyan chose the herb and vegie kits and mixed them so that every family had some of each.

Because the children can’t leave the centre Dyan needs to provide new and stimulating activities on site. The children asked for an XBOX360 so that was their target. She talked with the kids while the parents were present so that the message was clear. If the kids were to get their XBOX the families had to help by raising funds. Everyone was enthusiastic and pleased to be involved in something that wasn’t chocolate! One parent who was unable to devote the time to the fundraiser bought a whole kit and donated it to the program.

The kids are now growing their own herbs and vegies at the centre. They are able to grow, harvest and eat their own produce.

Dyan is thrilled with the results of the drive. Despite only having 16 children in the after school program, she sold 20 kits. She sold $140 worth on the first weekend and has even collected order forms for a top up order. This is a much better result than the last fundraiser they ran which only raised $10.

The financial results have been great and the unexpected new planting activity for the kids has been a bonus. Dyan says that she will run a Living Fundraiser again shortly and this time she will get the whole centre involve. She noticed that the parents who had children in the other programs at the centre were becoming interested in the kits she was selling.

Dyan believes that people are looking for something different to the traditional fundraiser and this is it.