Gymnasts chalk up big profits

Tea Tree Gully Gymsports Kindergym have just finished their Growing Kit fundraiser and what an amazing result they have had. They raised over $6500 for their club in under a month!

Whilst looking for “different” fundraising options for her gymnastics club, head coach Andrea came across Living Fundraisers. After discussing the options with her group they decided that they would give our growing kits a go as they hadn’t seen them used for any other group before and they weren’t chocolate or anything unhealthy. Andrea felt they were perfect for her group stating “With our families being families with children under the age of 5 we thought that the healthy aspect would appeal to them.”

They chose to run a take home drive with our growing kits with the intention of running another drive in term 4 with our Christmas products. As this was a new way to fundraise they chose to order on the safe side and order 300 sets and see how they went. They have 600 families so thought they could always order more and top up if they needed to. Andy stated “We mainly went with these kits due to the timing. With spring about to start we thought it was a good time of year for gardening.”

All sets were taken within a week with the herbs being the most popular, followed by the veggie kits and then the flower kits. They also chose to purchase some of our healthy snack range and have these on display for sale in the foyer at their centre.

Promotion of the fundraiser is what Andrea believes made it such a success. They promoted it heavily on their Facebook page (which has a large following) and also did a couple of paid posts to reach a bigger audience. They also ran a competition in conjunction with the fundraiser – anyone who sold a full set of growing kits would go into the draw to win a full terms fees. Each set they sold got them another entry.

“Feedback was fantastic from families. We have had requests for future fundraisers with your products and also some of our members taking your details to run their own fundraiser with your company for their own workplaces” wrote Andy. This fundraiser has resulted in at least 2 more groups booking their fundraiser with us and they are looking like being just as successful. The team here at Living Fundraisers are looking forward to helping Andy and her kids with their Christmas fundraiser about to get under way for term 4 and seeing if they can replicate the outcome. Fantastic work guys – you’re proof that a little extra effort can get some amazing results.

If you’d like to have the success that Tea Tree have had click here and order your sets now.