Growing Kits a Hit with Sustainable Childcare Centre

Our Growing Kits were the perfect fundraising option for John McMahon Childrens Centre which incorporates sustainability into its curriculum and philosophy.  Coordinator, Rebecca said “with this embedded into our program, families were happy to support and extend on their children’s interest and skills in planting and growing, as well as make a contribution to being sustainable and utilising sustainable products for a cheap price.”

The centre ran a take-home drive with Herb, Veggie and Flower Growing Kits, as well as our new Old MacDonald’s Farm Grass Hair Kits.  Each family was handed a bag of products to take home to on-sell.  Rebecca and her team showcased the products in the centre as part of their sustainability program, prompting the opportunity for children to extend on this in their homes.  She displayed flyers on the walls and in their newsletters to get the word out.  “Each flyer outlined what we were fundraising for which I think always helps and gets parents on board” she said.

Rebecca believes the products were a hit with families as many of them don’t have big backyards and the growing kits are perfect for window sills and decks.

The relatively small centre raised over $1,000 in funds which will go towards outdoor equipment and resources.

To book a take-home drive with no upfront costs, click below.