Growing Gifts for all

With the Beechwood Primary parent committee fundraising for an outdoor kitchen, our growing kits were an obvious choice for their Mother’s and Father’s Day stalls.

Alison ordered for both stalls at the same time which meant we could offer bonus profits on their Father’s Day order.  We also added some free gift bags to both orders which Alison said “made it all so easy.”

“Being made of white paper, they also gave the kids an opportunity to get creative which was great – they loved having input!” explained.

For their Mother’s Day stall, the kids chose from our range of herb tins along with a heart shaped lollipop and a couple of cute garden decorations sourced “at a very affordable price” from Ebay to place in their gift bag.  The ladybug and red and white mushroom garden decorations made for a fun activity for the kids to do with their mums at home.  “They were so excited about their gift packs, we had to remind them that they were a present for Mum and not themselves” laughed Alison.

Whilst the growing kits alone usually RRP for $6, the committee decided to sell the packs for just $5 to make it easier on families. “Our stalls are about more than profit” explained Alison.  The slight reduction in price seemed to work well as they only had a few herb tins left following the stall.  Rather than returning them, the committee decided to hold onto them and add them to the Father’s Day stall of veggie kits and good job they did as their Father’s Day stall completely sold out! “It worked out well actually. The kids chose the pink and purple tins for their mums which meant there was a handful of green and blue tins left for the dads!”

“Both stalls ran very smoothly. The products looked lovely and both the kids and parents were happy with their gifts so everyone was happy! We look forward to running similar stalls next year” said Alison.