Great products, profit and support

The simplicity of the Living Fundraisers model and its focus on healthy, sustainable products were what grabbed the attention of Gill at Make-A-Wish Devonport.

The Devonport fundraising committee was looking for a fundraiser with broad appeal that generated good profits and would be hassle-free to coordinate.

“I’d definitely recommend Living Fundraisers to anyone looking to run a fundraiser – we found it to be a really quick and easy way to raise money,” said Gill.

The committee ordered a large quantity of herb, veggie and flower growing kits and seed-embedded Christmas cards, then remixed the carry bags to create kits with a few of each product. These mixed bags were then sold via their volunteer network and at local community events.

“In particular, we had fantastic success with a stall at the local shopping centre, where we sold 22 mixed carry bags within two hours one Saturday morning – great profit per minute!”

“The Living Fundraisers model is so simple and effective that it really does make running a fundraiser easy. We used the posters the team provided to promote our drive, and found that the product pricing (all products selling for the same price) was an important aspect that kept things simple for us.”

“The ongoing support from the Living Fundraisers team was also really helpful – they were always available and easy to deal with, and were flexible to extend the fundraising period when we asked if that would be possible.”

“It was one of the easiest fundraisers we’ve run,” said Gill.