Grass Hair Kits sell themselves

Daws Road Early Learning Centre exceeded all fundraising expectations when they had to top up their Grass Hair Kits by 10 boxes before they had even finished their take-home drive!  They started out with 30, as well as 30 carry bags of Herb Growing Kits.

Fundraising Coordinator, Rhianna said they chose the Grass Hair Kits because they “looked fun and exciting for children to use leading up to Christmas.”  Whilst they opted for the take-home method of fundraising, parents had the option of taking a set.  They simply asked each family if they could help by taking home a set and let them know that they could return any that didn’t sell.

They also set up a display in their front reception area and promoted the fundraiser through email, using the templates provided by Living Fundraisers, with their own added touches.  Rhianna believes this all helped but “really, the Grass Hair Kits sell themselves!”

The Educators and Families loved them. They have commented that they can be used each year and make great table decorations and fantastic gifts for all ages” she said.

The one piece of advice Rhianna would give to anyone thinking of running the Grass Hair Kits is to have a display set up for the sellers to look at before selling.  She took Living Fundraisers up on their free sample offer to start growing the kits before the fundraiser began and believes it really helped to get people excited.

She also suggested speaking to your sellers. “A note is useful but verbally explaining how it all worked really boosted our sales.  We made sure our sellers knew they could return what they haven’t sold, however, we haven’t had 1 box returned yet… they are only asking for more!” she finished.