Grass Hair, Don't Care! Photos by Imperfect Mummy

Kids (and parents!) go crazy for our Grass Hair Kits and at just $5 each, these cute “low-maintenance pets” are very easy to sell.  Available in two ranges – Old MacDonald’s Farm and Christmas, Grass Hair Kits are a great all-year fundraising option for schools, kindergartens, early learning, groups and clubs.  Parenting Blogger, Imperfect Mummy had a great time growing, cutting and styling Cow’s grass hair with her son. “They were super easy to do and the hair grows so fast!” she commented.  See her full Instagram post here.

Steps to growing your character’s grass hair:

1. Put the soil pellet in a bowl and add lukewarm water, about 3 times the volume of the pellet.  After approx. 10 mins you will have enough soil to fill your pot.  Leave a small amount of soil in the bowl to use later

2. Open the sachet of grass seeds and sprinkle evenly over the soil.  Use the soil left in the bowl to lightly cover the seeds.  Water and then keep soil evenly moist.

3. Place your pot in a warm sunny position, a window sill is ideal.  Within 7 days seeds will sprout. 

4. Have fun cutting and styling your character’s grass hair!


Grass Hair Kits Imperfect Mummy Grass Hair Kits


For more fun pics of kids with their grass haired pets, click here.

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